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Selling wine in Europe?

As of December 2023 you need to follow a strict set of guidelines for displaying nutritional and allergen information. We make it easy to do this, and it's a beautiful experience for your customers.

It's your choice how to do it

All wines being sold in Europe (including imported wine from countries outside the EU) need to comply with this new law.

You can either print the required information on the bottle, or add a tiny QR code that links to a page with this information – that's what PinotQR does.

  • Meets all the required regulation without adding a ton of information to your wine label designs

  • Automatically translate it into 24 languages (required)

  • Ensure any future changes to law you can adjust without having to print new labels

Easy, quick and affordable

Get set up with QR codes ready for your label designer within just a few minutes - and for free!

Meet the regulations with confidence

As you can see, we provide all the fields you need to fill out and it only takes a few minutes. There's no extra fields you don't need, and it's an affordable way to provide an exceptional experience to your customers.

  • All the required information to meet the new laws

  • Manage all your brands and wines in one place

  • Only pay for what you use

Lou Langdom – Hideaway Vineyard

Lou Langdon

Vineyard and Winery Manager
Hideaway Vineyard, DenMark

"I researched the market extensively before choosing PinotQR as our QR code host. I chose them because they were clearly the leading company for genuinely taking care of their customers.

After speaking to their team it was clear that they are basically a small family run business, but even so all their work is really professional. The actual set up and functioning of their system is really easy and straightforward to get set up. It’s user friendly and if I had any questions they would reply promptly through the online chat function.

Everything just works really well and I feel confident putting our labels in their hands. It’s great to just have peace of mind with this stuff. Best of all, it took me around 15 minutes to get signed up and create the first 3 labels – so it was super fast and easy."

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Confused about the new requirements?

It's not that straight forward, and in fact you can get caught out very easily... Here's some handy guides explaining the details.