Meet the regulation

Our platform ensures you meet the new wine label Regulation EU 2021/21117 with all the required information, non-branded design and automatically translations in 24 different languages.

  • Required nutritional and allergen information

  • Automatically translated into 24 required languages

  • Non-branded, non-trackable hosted web pages

Beautiful user experience

When your customers scan our QR codes they arrive at modern and fast-loading wine pages. Your ingredient and nutritional information is laid out in a simple and beautiful design.

As part of the experience they can switch one of 24 automatically supported languages, plus we'll remember it for the next time they visit.

  • Fast-loading hosted webpages

  • Beautiful layout and design

  • Easy language switching

Generate QR codes easily

You can create QR codes ready for your label designer in minutes without needing to fill out all the information. Leave them in draft state until you are ready to publish them.

And, we're one of the most affordable e-label solutions on the market.

  • Quickly generate and send high resolution QR codes to your designer

  • Only pay for the QR codes you need in total for this an past vintages

  • Affordable plans for what you use including an unlimited plan

Boutique winery and large multi-brand support

We are here to grow with you whether you're a small single vineyard or a large producer with multiple brands.

You can have as many e-labels as you like and only pay for what you use.

  • Add and manage unlimited brands from the one place

  • Billing in your currency of choice

All our features

Create all your e-labels with PinotQR and know that you're meeting the regulation - in style.

Fair and transparent pricing

We're one of the most affordable e-label platforms designed specifically for wine e-label management – check out our competitive pricing.